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Residue analyses on stone artefacts have contributed to resolving functional questions in stone tool research.Although identifying the function of tools through the analysis of their micro-residues is possible, the establishment of a sound numerical chronology for stone tools lacking a clear stratigraphic sequence, such as surface scatters, remains a challenge.Abiotic - a non-living factor or element found in an environment Absentee Landowner - landowners who do not live in the county in which their land is located Access Road - a temporary or permanent access route for vehicles into forestland Acidic Soils - Soils whose p H is less than 7 Acre - a unit of land measurement that contains 43,560 square feet.

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► Extract ancient residues from lithics confining contaminants under laboratory conditions.

Borrow Pit - that area, usually adjacent and parallel to a road, from which soil is removed to build up the road bed Bottom Lands - a term often used to define lowlands adjacent to streams and rivers Broad-Based Dip - a surface drainage structure specifically designed to drain water from an access road while allowing vehicles to maintain normal travel speeds Buck - to saw felled trees into predetermined lengths Bucking - the process of cutting a tree into shorter lengths Buffer Strip - a narrow piece of land bordering an area such as a stream or road with forestry practices that are different from adjacent areas Bunching - grouping of trees or logs together to form a load before being transported Bundle Scar - a small scar in a leaf scar left by a vascular bundle Back to Top Cambium - a layer of cells located inside the bark between the xylem (wood) and phloem (inner bark) Caliche soil - is a hardened mineral of calcium carbonate.

It forms when rain dissolves calcium found in rocks and minerals, carrying it down into the soil, so layers of deposits build up over the years.

The C results of the peat residues yield a wider age variation as expected due to the inhomogeneity of the material, but nevertheless, provided dates within an expected age range.

Preliminary results demonstrate the feasibility of dating very small amounts of plant residue on lithics directly when contaminants are confined.► Pilot study shows that AMS dating of plant residues from lithics feasible when contaminants confined.

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